About Us

Crystal Physio is a first choice physiotherapy clinic located in Mississauga. We are assisting the patients of all age groups with the right treatment and wellness services. Whether you are dealing with a sports injury or arthritis, our approach to muscle sprain and strain aims to eliminate any pain and discomfort.

Crystal Physio

Our qualified staff comprises registered physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists who work in collaboration to provide optimal healthcare and faster recovery results to each of our patients. When you visit our clinic for the first time, our team will conduct an initial assessment to curate a treatment plan that allows you to move your body without spraining or straining a muscle.

Our Mission

Being a locally owned and operated chiropractic care facility, we are committed to provide our patients with the right comfort and care they need to recover from an illness or ongoing pain. Our mission is to boost optimal health in patients to make sure they remain physically fit. We follow non-invasive therapies and procedures to eliminate pain and other possible ill-health conditions.

Our Difference

  • We treat patients of all ages.
  • We address physical health.
  • We provide an in-depth evaluation.
  • We adopt holistic care procedures.

Our team at Crystal Physio in Mississauga takes pride in providing quick body healing procedures in hygienic and clean surroundings. Visit us today to restore your lost health.

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Crystal Physio
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