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Suffering from ongoing acute or chronic pain? Want to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist? If yes, Crystal Physio is here for you. We are a one-stop wellness clinic located in Mississauga providing a spectrum of hands-on therapy and injury recovery treatments to patients of all ages. Whether you are dealing with back pain or anxiety, our registered specialists are well versed in performing pain relieving massages and chiropractic care to ensure instant relief from pain.

Right from the joint pain to muscle sprain and post-operative recovery, we stand by your side at every step of the rehabilitation process. We follow a holistic approach towards your recovery from injury or illness.

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With the right exercise and physical therapy, we heal your acute/ chronic joint or muscle pain with long-lasting relief.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

To restore your spinal health and to provide relief from an ongoing neck or back pain, we practice chiropractic care.

message therapy

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy procedure aims at strengthening your immune system along with reducing stress, pain and anxiety.


Sports Injury Recovery

With sports rehabilitation programs, our physiotherapists focus on providing better injury recovery and body flexibility.


Compression Stockings

No matter, you are dealing with swollen legs or varicose veins, we have a collection of compression stockings to ease pain.


Custom Braces

With custom-fit neck, ankle, shoulder and knee braces, our focus is to provide relief from muscle sprains and strains.

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At Crystal Physio, we have a team of Mississauga trusted physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists who have hands-on expertise in treating patients suffering from physical ailments. We follow a holistic approach towards recovery from injury or illness. Not only this, we are qualified to deal with sports injuries and post-operative healing to make sure you get back to the activities you did.

Tailored Treatments & Custom Products

Eliminate Pain and Discomfort!

Being your local physio clinic, we understand that every patient and the condition he/she is suffering from is unique. This is the reason we believe in providing personalized treatments. To provide better results, we recommend our patients to wear custom fit braces, supports and compression stockings that are tailored to meet your unique conditions.

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